If you have spent any significant amount of time with a preschooler over the last five or so years, you are definitely very familiar with the PAW Patrol, the team of animated talking dogs who help people around their hometown of Adventure Bay with an assortment of vehicles and gadgets. The hugely popular show (and its hugely popular toys) from Spin Master Entertainment have already run for seven seasons on Nickelodeon here in the United States. (As Ryder’s slight accent sometimes betrays, the series is Canadian.)

If you’ve gotten worn out by the endless repetition of watching the same handful of episodes over and over on streaming — and I am in no way speaking from experience here (the “Friendship Day” theme haunts my dreams) — good news! Deadline reports there’s a big-screen PAW Patrol movie in the works for your toddlers to fixate on. Spin Master is producing the movie “in association” with Nickelodeon, with Paramount Pictures expected to distribute the finished product to theaters.

Here was Spin Master vice president Jennifer Dodge’s comment on the announcement:

This first foray into the arena of feature film marks a significant strategic expansion for Spin Master Entertainment and our properties. This demonstrates our commitment to harnessing our own internal entertainment production teams to develop and deliver IP in a motion picture format and allows us to connect our characters to fans through shared theatrical experiences.

Love to develop and deliver IP in a motion picture format.

I’m sure both of my children, who have an extensive array of PAW Patrol toys will be delighted by this news. Frankly, they’re going to be too delighted; I don’t have any more room in my house for additional vehicles or pups. Please Spin Master, I beg of you: No more PAW Patrol vehicles. Chase does not need another police cruiser. Eight police cruisers is enough. The PAW Patrol movie is expected in theaters in August of 2021.

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