Do you have someone in your family that makes a killer dish? Maybe it's your grandma who makes the absolute best chocolate chip cookies? Or that aunt who brings the same meat and pasta dish to everything and it's gone before anyone can get seconds. For my family, it was my Polish grandma's golabki (gawumpki) recipe, or stuffed cabbage for those that don't know.

"Over My Dead Body"

Whatever it is, it's that signature dish that they bring to every holiday, every birthday, and every gathering, and everyone keeps bugging them for the recipe. However, they never give it up. They change the subject as soon as possible or say things like, "over my dead body".

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Well, some of those people took the "over my dead body" pretty seriously and had those recipes posted on their gravestones. Of course, over time, people have found those recipes, and one such person is taking the time to bring those recipes back to life.

Gravestone Recipes

Allow me to introduce you to one of my new favorite TikTok creators, Rosie Grant, who goes by ghostlyarchive on TikTok. I first learned about her through Buzzfeed, which explained that Rosie was

interning for a congressional cemetery. She started posting about the cemetery on TikTok and was quickly immersed in the #GraveTok subculture. Coincidentally, around the same time, she was learning how to cook and stumbled upon an article about the Spritz cookie recipe left on a gravestone. The rest became history.

She makes TikToks about visiting those gravestones and embarking on the journey to recreate those recipes. She even recreates recipes from gravestones that people send her through social media. In the below video, you can see some of the gravestones she's visited and see her enjoying those recipes in their honor, including the Spritz cookie.

As a way to honor and pay tribute to those that have passed and left behind these delicious legacies, Rosie has cataloged them on TikTok, and I'll be sharing those recipes with you here. Take a look through the recipes below and go on a digestive journey.

Recipes From Gravestones

Some people hold some recipes so close to the chest that they take them to the grave, literally. Here are some recipes that can be found on gravestones, with ingredients and instructions included.

Gallery Credit: Kristen Matthews

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