This house in Royal Oak is not just rumored to be haunted…many, even the local media, believe there’s supernatural activity within. In fact, the city approved fifteen paranormal investigators opportunities to give tours throughout the house.

The Orson Starr House is Royal Oak’s oldest building, constructed in 1845. The house is seemingly haunted by numerous spirits:
1) An old man in the basement, believed to be Orson Starr
2) Sounds of children laughing
3) An old woman
4) A German Shepherd

Investigator Candace Isaacson from the Royal Oak Historical Commission, says "We actually had a German Shepherd caught on film, years ago, in the coal chute, if you can believe it. That's in the file.”

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Orson Starr was a maker of cowbells as well as a farmer, and he did indeed have a German Shepherd.

Candace also says the spirits of children like to play upstairs: "They do not do well with men, they do better with women” (the Starrs lost three children within a week). An apparition of an old woman has been seen sitting around, whose name seems to be Katherine, according to the EVP’s. The man in the basement seems to be somewhat angry. Visitors have been touched, others have been pushed down the stairs. Once, a woman kicked a ball down the stairs and something pushed her down. A child’s retaliation for kicking his/her ball, maybe?

The house, located at 3123 N. Main, has its own Historical Marker which reads: “Orson Starr (1803-1873) and his wife, Rhoda Gibbs Starr (1806-1853), built this home in 1845. Five generations of the Starr family lived here until 1964. The house was purchased by the city of Royal Oak in 1976. Orson Starr came to this area in 1831 and began manufacturing cowbells in a factory located just north of this site. He continued this trade for forty years. The cowbells, products of Royal Oak's first industry were stamped with Starr's trademark and are now prized by collectors.”

The good news is, it shouldn’t be hard for you to get a tour. To find out how to arrange one, go to their Facebook page by CLICKING HERE.

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