If you're feeling a bit cooped up in your home about now, your kids are probably feeling the same way. So the coronavirus pandemic is keeping most of us home working, and for parents of younger kids, keeping them entertained and happy can get to be a big challenge.  (Drinking all day is not a solution, in fact that causes real problems, but we can touch on that another time.)

Luckily there are lots of online resources that are providing free entertainment and learning opportunities for kids of all ages.

Here are some you can check out from Business Insider.

Lunchtime Doodles' with Mo Willems.  Everyday at 1pm the award winning children's book author and illustrator virtually hosts young people in his studio leading art programs as part of a special Kennedy Center Education Artist-in-Residence at Home Program.

Get up and moving, you and your kids can shimmy and shake to the music with legendary choreographer Debbie Allen/.  This, during one of her Instagram live Dance classes, this even includes a special one created with self-quarantined little kids in mind.  Allen says she is posting classes as a way to help us all move our bodies.

Warm (virtual) hugs and bedtime stories with Josh Gad.  Josh  (aka Olaf) takes to Twitter nightly to read a storybook from his family's library, and I have to admit, its pretty fabulous.  This makes for a great night time ritual.  Every night at 7:30, Gad goes live, past readings can be viewed again by scrolling through his Twitter Feed.

Legends of Learning offers math and science classroom games for free.  This is recommended for third-to-8th graders. A search on the internet can get you there.

Looking online for classes, stories, projects,and things happening locally are just a mouse click away.

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