There is going to be some more solar power coming to East Lansing today with the opening of one of Michigan's first Solar Parks. The solar park at East Lansing's Burcham Park is doing a ribbon cutting ceremony at 1pm today but it has been up an running for a bit. The solar park became fully operational and started pumping out power on December 28th.

The Burcham Park Solar Park is big as well as it has over 1,000 panels. These panels are able to produce power for about 60 homes a year. This will also go hand in hand with the other solar panels all over the Michigan State campus in their parking lots generating power. You can see more on the Solar Park here, from East Lansing's Facebook.

Also there are ways for you, as long as you are a Lansing BWL customer, to lease one of the panels to save on your energy bills. You can lease the panel for a one time fee. More on that here.




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