Back in the day shopping in downtown Lansing was a treat.  The streets were lined with amazing stores and restaurants. That was a time when people actually would dress-up to go shopping.  Instead of just running to the store for something, back then it was more of an event to go shopping.

Downtown Lansing had some of the most amazing buildings, like the Knapp's store.  That building has changed inside  over the years, but the outside has stayed the same amazing "Art Deco" style.

I googled and found some great information on the Liebermann's store on Michigan Modern buildings.

The former Lieberman's Department store was designed back in the mid 1960's by George Nelson, one of the founders of American modernist design. The shop stood out, it was in between 2 older brick buildings and its dramatic entrance was set back about 4 feet and featured large glass panels.  The stores interior walls are lined with slate for the clean and modern look.  Now that space has been turned into a new art gallery.  The Nelson Gallery will be open for business in downtown Lansing starting on Monday.

For more on the FOX interview with Liebermann's building owners, click here.

  In an interview with Fox 47, Jen Estill, who is the Gallery's proprietor and her husband John said when they purchased the building they spent some time walking around the space, living in it all to understand what would work best and what would fit.  That is when they decided on an art gallery.

The Nelson Gallery opens on Monday in downtown Lansing and features some amazing pieces of art.

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