Now what's got ol' granny here so surprised?

50 surprising photos that will show you that even our past could be extremely strange...and different...and interesting!

Not only will you see the first selfie from 1839...but also:

The one-wheel motorcycle from 1931;

Dangerous-looking 'baby cages' from the 1930's;

A 1939 pic of a bicycle built for four including mom working on her sewing machine while riding;

Hitler rehearsing his speech in front of a mirror;

An ice-cold whiskey dispenser from the 1950's;

Winner of the 1950 'Miss Atomic Bomb" contest;

A teenaged Osama Bin Laden;

A woman walking her pet lobster;

A very young Bill & Hillary playing volleyball in 1971 and many more extremely interesting & weird photos from our past.

Check out these 50 extremely rare photographs by CLICKING HERE.

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