In case you missed these and so you won't forget 'em...

GRACE LEE WHITNEY, May 1, age 85. Played Yeoman Janice Rand on the original "Star Trek" series and in four 'Trek' feature films.

JOHN TOUT, May 1, keyboardist for the British rock group Renaissance; they were one of two spinoff bands from The Yardbirds - the other Yardbirds spinoff band was Led Zeppelin.

ELLEN ALBERTINI DOW, May 4, age 101; actress who may be well-known by today's audiences as the old woman who shouted "Bosco!" in an episode of "Seinfeld."

CRAIG GRUBER, May 5, age 63; original bass player for the rock band Rainbow.

ERROL BROWN, May 6, age 71; singer/member of the group Hot Chocolate who gave us the 70's tunes "Every 1's A Winner" and "You Sexy Thing."

RUTGER GUNNARSSON, May 8, age 69; bassist for the group ABBA.