I always looked forward to the office holiday party.  This year, it's not going to happen.

Some of my favorite memories have to do with  office Christmas parties. As a young kid I remember my parents going the office party, they would get all dressed up, my Mom always wore velvet.  It was all so elegant, and such a fun event.

Speed ahead to me as an adult and heading off to my own office Christmas party.  The parties always included an elegant meal and were held in the ballroom at the Holiday Inn, in the room with the crystal chandeliers, or the Radisson Hotel.  Always at one of the local hotels in their ballrooms.

I miss those days, I miss the fancy dinner and dancing afterwards.  I remember (well sort of ) meeting co-workers spouses, having to much to drink and wondering why we never hung out with them .  Then the next morning wracking your brain as you try to remember what you said and  and who you were talking to.  Fun, fun!!

In recent years most parties have gotten smaller and gone casual.  That was fun to with many trading velvet and sequins  for an ugly Christmas sweater.

This year, thanks to COVID-19, the office holiday party will be a non event. A study done by an outplacement group from Chicago found that only 23% of companies said they would be celebrating the holidays in some ways.  The rest of us are just trying to stay healthy and get through the holidays.

No, we don't want a zoom party, we will just skip this years party and  hopefully by December of 2021 we will all be able to celebrate the holidays together.

Have a healthy holiday season.

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