Do you remember the last time you walked into a McDonald's restaurant to order food and then sat down at one of their dining room tables to eat your meal?

It's been well over a year and a half for just about everyone.  I just want to walk into Wendy's or Chick-fil-A, order a great meal, and then be able to enjoy it inside.

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When COVID-19 hit last March, fast-food restaurants across the country locked their dining room doors.  As the pandemic progressed, there were two main reasons they stayed closed--concerns about the virus and state restrictions.

Even though most fast food restaurants have reopened their dining areas, many have not because they don't have enough help to keep their businesses running smoothly.

What's really helped over the past several months at fast food restaurants is their drive-thru windows.  It's been very easy driving to Burger King, or Taco Bell, placing your order, and then picking up your food at the drive-thru window. also tells us:

Most fast-food restaurants are giving franchise owners the choice of when to reopen their dining rooms.  MLive reached out to 13 of the top fast-food restaurant chains in the U.S. for their perspective on reopening indoor eating areas.

People love fast food restaurants even though the food may not be the healthiest, then why does it taste so good.

These days we see lots of signs that read "help wanted."  There are many fast food restaurants in Michigan running short on employees.  They may have enough to keep drive-thrus operating, but the main concern now, can we open our dining room in a timely fashion with fewer and fewer employees?

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