Nothing worse than cold, wet weather. But that's what the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration says we're getting this winter.

According to, they say the first part of winter will be wetter than normal and late winter - after February, will be colder and wetter. I don't mind the snow, but "wetter than normal" in early or late winter sounds like cold rain or ice to me. According to the NOAA, we'll be getting storms tracking right through the plains into the Great Lakes, with lots of temperature swings (there's the problem). They say the "southern two-thirds of Lower Michigan has the highest chance of above normal precipitation. And of course, that means us. It's good news if you're looking forward to a white Christmas - or have a snow plow business.

I found a woolly caterpillar in my backyard yesterday, but I'm not an experienced woolly caterpillar reader. Apparently the more dark "hairs" on them, the longer the winter will be. Here's a short tutorial if you find one. I'll be waiting here for your prognostications.

Other than that - it's Michigan. Winter's coming. Check your snow-blower..

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