While folks are buying up all the toilet paper they can stuff in a shopping cart, have you noticed that gas prices are down. Waaay down?

McConnell Adams TSM Lansing
McConnell Adams TSM Lansing

As of this posting, Thursday March 12th at 7 AM, gas prices in Mid-Michigan were at about $1.89 plus or minus a couple of cents.

And a trip further north to Clare would net you the best deal in the state at $1.71 a gallon.

So what's going on? If you guessed Coronavirus, you're not entirely wrong.

‘This is unstable:’ Experts say low gas prices amid oil, coronavirus concerns ‘reflection of economy’

While the low gas prices might mean extra pennies in drivers' pockets, experts said the volatile market could mean more swings -- not necessarily a good thing. (Fox 6 Now)

And the low prices are not just here in Michigan. It's nationwide. With lower prices also comes concerns that this isn't really a good thing and could lead to travel restrictions and more. Take a listen.

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