As the t-shirt says "Detroit Vs. Everybody", and here's your proof.

USC wide receiver Drake London was being interviewed by NBC Sports at the NFL Combine in Indianapolis this week, when he was asked if he had a favorite NFL team. When he revealed it was the Detroit Lions, the reporters both chuckled.

"What!?" Chris Simms exclaimed. "How in the hell did that happen? How did you latch on to the Lions!?"

Meanwhile, host Mike Florio is seen snickering back in the studio.

But young Drake held his own, explaining that his Dad was huge fan of Lion icon running back Barry Sanders, and then he became a fan Calvin Johnson, who Drake declared "The best receiver ever".

"I got to watch him as a kid," London went on, "I don't care about records and things like that, just him being Megatron was something special for me."

Simms then piled on Lions fans nationwide. "Okay, because I was beginning to question you're mentality and your brains there for a second."

Florio then weighed in with some positivity. "They're moving in the right direction there, they have the right attitude with Dan Campbell as their coach."

Florio went on to ask London if he would like to play for the Lions.

"I just hoped that I get picked (in the upcoming NFL draft)," London responded. "I just hope they know they're getting a playmaker."

The Lions would love to have you, Drake. And thanks for sticking up for us long suffering Lions fans.

You can watch the entire interview below.

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