While I was researching photos for one of my ‘Michigan General Stores’ galleries, I came across a photo of a store that was labeled as “Forward, Michigan”. I had never heard of this place, so I tried to dig up a few details.

I discovered that this place has dropped off the maps and atlases. It was a postal station in Riverside Township, Missaukee County, out in the countryside. All that remains at that lonely country crossroads are a couple of homes and a car pool area. That’s it.

At one time it had a schoolhouse, the general store I previously mentioned and I presume that the post office was located in the same building as the store.

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No church, no train depot, no other shops, stores, or businesses…..not even a cemetery. Just the above places and a few homes scattered in the countryside, with no blocks or neighborhoods.

While I didn’t find a record of when Forward was created, I assume it was when the post office began operating on October 10, 1903.....it shut down for good on January 15, 1908. Joseph Nederhood must have been busy – he was postmaster and also ran the general store.

The former area called ‘Forward’ sits seven miles east of McBain, out in the countryside at the intersection of Meyering and Forward roads. It’s in the lower right corner right on the border of Riverside and Clam Union Townships. The old school is still there, but it’s been made over into a nice-looking residence, as you’ll see in the photo gallery below.

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