According to WILX, during his State of the City address this week, Mayor Andy Schor spoke extensively about the City of Lansing's plan to fix potholes and other road issues.

Another main talking point during the City address was making sure mental health is a top priority in the city.

Just the fact that I'm from Lansing originally and have seen a lot of changes take place over the years here in the Lansing area, makes these very important issues a priority.

The mayor said that the city is going to create a mental health task force, made up of different people who deal with mental health issues around the city.

The list includes people at both McLaren Greater Lansing Hospital, Sparrow Hospital, people who work at Community Mental Health Authority, the city's social worker, as well as members of the Lansing Police Department and other city staffers.

The mayor also said that he would welcome state funding for Lansing's new task force.

Anyway that you look at this is good. It's giving people a chance to better themselves and have a place to go to get the help that they need if they choose to do so.

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