I like to keep up with the Lansing School District and any new changes that might be happening in the near future.

The reason why, because I grew up in the Lansing area and attended all Lansing schools which included North Elementary, Gardner Jr. High School and Everett High School.

Many of my friends have kids attending school in and around the Greater Lansing area.  That's why it's important to keep up with the latest changes.

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According to the Lansing School District:

The district board of education hired Benjamin Shuldiner as its new leader earlier this year.  The New York City education reformer and onetime high school principal brings ambitious goals of raising Lansing's graduation rate from 70% to above 90% in the next five years.

Even though our new Lansing superintendent is working hard to make several change's to the Lansing School District, it's going to take time and lots of hard work to get everything done in a timely fashion.

The Lansing State Journal adds:

But before he turns his attention to graduation rates, Shuldiner will make three changes he believes should pay dividends down the line: resuming in-person learning, expanding pre-K offerings and hosting events aimed at winning back students who've left the district.

This can't be an easy job considering the fact that the coronavirus pandemic didn't help matters when it came down to students taking classes and not knowing what was going to happen during the entire school year.

The new superintendent is planning on Lansing students going back to school when summer is over.  Classes are back in session beginning August 30.

Once things get back to normal during the upcoming school year, most parents are hoping for inspiring community events and would like to get to know their children's teachers as well.

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