All you have to do is shout out two little words and I'll come running. What are those two words? ICE CREAM!

We all love ice cream and according to the Detroit Free Press, Hudsonville Ice Cream, a Michigan-made favorite, is scooping out new flavors loaded with extra ingredients.

Starting today, the craft creamery located in Holland on the west side of the state, begins revealing its new Extra Indulgent line.

In the line are seven new pint size flavors. They are raspberry chocolate chunk, cake batter, blueberry donut, salted caramel brownie, crunchy peanut butter, cookie overload and mint cookie dough.

All this week on its website, Hudsonville will reveal one new flavor per day. Each flavor is built on the idea of extra add ins.

Hudsonville Ice Cream marketing manager said in an email that the ice cream base in all seven new flavors is creamier and richer than ever before.

All I know is that I plan on trying each and every new flavor until they run out of ice cream!

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