Ready for some good news? According to the Lansing State Journal, construction could start on a downtown East Lansing Michigan State University Federal Credit Union branch within two months.

East Lansing City Council recently approved a site plan giving the credit union the green light to start work after it purchases a city lot for $810,000.

The city lot which is located at the northwest corner of Abbot Road and Albert Avenue will be transformed into a seven story, 105 foot tall building with a credit union branch, office space and a community space.

Wow, when this project is finished, it will look absolutely fabulous.

The first floor will have a branch and commercial space.

The second floor will have a community space that can fit up to 499 people.

"That space will be free for community members and organizations to use for conferences, training sessions, financial seminars, group meetings and MSUFCU sponsored events." (LSJ)

The remaining floors will house MSUFCU's intern center as well as office space for the credit union and potentially for other companies.

This is very impressive. I know so many people who are members of MSUFCU. It seems like everywhere you turn in the greater Lansing area, you can't help but notice another MSU Federal Credit Union branch building.

"Both city officials and MSUFCU leadership are excited for the project, which they say will support economic development and job growth, especially in downtown East Lansing." (LSJ)

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