Anytime there is talk about a new restaurant opening up that features burgers and ice cream, I have to get as much information about this new burger joint so I can make a special trip to try out the new place.

I love it when a new restaurant opens up in not only the greater Lansing area, but the downtown Detroit area as well.  And let's face it, who doesn't love a delicious hamburger along with tasty soft-serve ice cream?

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According to the Detroit Free Press:

Mister Dips griddle burgers are "all-natural, pasture-raised, hormone-free 100% beef," according to its menu board.  The burgers are served on a potato bun and in a paper holder.

I absolutely love talking about new restaurants opening up in the greater Lansing area along with downtown Detroit as well.

Everybody wants to try out the new restaurant in town and there is no exception here either.

Who doesn't love a really good burger and ice cream joint?

Most of the time my wife and I will stay in the Lansing area and check out several really good restaurants.  And since we've both been hearing really good things about Mister Dips burger and ice cream spot opening this week, we plan on venturing out to the Detroit area to check this new place out.

The Detroit Free Press adds:

There is the single dip burger with aged cheddar, soft butter lettuce and topped with Mister Dips Fine 'N' Dandy sauce.  The double dip includes two patties and the same toppings as the single.  Burger have a nice char on the outside and are juicy.

Okay, after reading that description, is your mouth watering yet?  What's that old saying?  Nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Mister Dips burger and ice cream spot opens Thursday, July 8, in Parker's Alley.  And if you love delicious burgers and soft-serve ice cream, then what's not to love about Mister Dips in downtown Detroit?

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