Mystery Shoppers are going to be invading both Ann Arbor and East Lansing in the coming days, to try and catch businesses selling liquor to minors, according to WILX. 

There is a new program here in Michigan, called the Michigan Alcohol Responsibility Program. These mystery shoppers will be younger individuals, who are of legal age and help determine if those working at bars, restaurants, and even retail stores are correctly checking I.D.'s.

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“As parents, educators, business people, and those in law enforcement, we all have a vested interest in preventing underage drinking,” Pat Gagliardi told WILX. “We must continue to be vigilant and engaged in our collective efforts toward keeping alcohol out of the hands of minors by cracking down on the use of fake IDs and promoting the legal sale of alcohol by licensees in our university and college communities.”

Information from the survey will then be turned around and shared with higher-up individuals with the company, such as managers and owners.

The Controlled Buy Operation Program has been active since the '90s and has seen an influx of licensees here in the state of Michigan, with a rise in compliances as well. Most of those who had a liquor license passed their mystery shopper test back in 2019.

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