According to the Lansing State Journal:

Mac's Bar, a downtown staple and venue that's hosted performances by big name musicians including Macklemore and Chance the Rapper, won't host any more concerts.

Mac's Bar has been a major staple in Lansing for many years and they've been hosting music since the 1970's.

If you ask anyone in this area, they know where Mac's Bar is because it's a well known bar where you could always just be yourself, listen to great music and just party!

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Lansing State Journal adds:

The news comes as a "permanently closed" listing on the bar's Facebook page caused speculation that the business had closed its doors for good.

So now we have the complete story, Mac's Bar is not closing for good.  They will not book anymore musicians moving forward.

Lansing State Journal tells us:

Scott Bell, the bar's talent buyer for more than a decade, said owner Chuck Mannino informed him this week that the business won't continue as a music venue.

Even though the bar has been closed ever since the pandemic began, it's great that Mac's Bar will reopen the business sometime down the road, but without live music shows.

I've been going to Mac's Bar as far back as I can remember.  In fact, there are people I work with here at the radio station that went to Mac's Bar back in the late '70s and most of the '80s.  It's a great bar with great memories for a lot of Michigan State fans too.

Once Mac's Bar finishes up with their new renovations, they will be back in business as usual.

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