What to do with that dead body you have lying around the house? Why, turn it into compost, natch!

It's ALMOST like something out of "Soylent Green".....except instead of turning corpses into food, scientists are attempting to turn the world on to turning corpses into compost.

Scientists are testing it's viability by covering dead bodies in wood chips; they've already succeeded with dead animals and now humans are next.

A building has already been designed for human composting; they say, "...our bodies have nutrients. What if we could grow new life after we’ve died?”

Many people are repulsed by the whole idea, others think it's a good idea. What do YOU think? Are you disgusted by the whole thing? Before you make up your mind, read the complete story HERE.

Who knows? Does it make sense to YOU?
Would you really like to see Uncle Bob being used to grow spinach?