Disney+ has announced that it will make its live-action Mulan remake available to all subscribers Dec. 4 with no additional charge. Reported by Variety, the news follows the previous announcement that users will have to pay an extra $29.99 to have "Premier Access" to the movie starting Friday, Sept. 4.

Those who do pony up the extra $30 (on top of the monthly cost of $6.99) will have the opportunity to watch Mulan as many times as they'd like before the movie becomes free for all subscribers. If your children are young enough, they might want to watch it again and again, and you'll get your money's worth. But for many households, one viewing will be enough.

Still, many users were miffed by the up-charge. Many Americans are on tighter budgets due to the pandemic, and dropping that kind of money to watch a movie in your living room might not be an option for some. Disney's decision remedies that, offering families the chance to see Mulan for free at the expense of waiting a few extra months.

Disney's decision to bring Mulan straight to Disney+ is an effort to keep people home as the pandemic continues to pose a national threat. Although movie theaters in many states have reopened their doors, health professionals urge everyone to avoid them for the time being. Nothing is worth risking your health, not even seeing Mulan on the big screen.

We went to a movie theater during the pandemic for a private screening, which you can read about here.

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