Go Green! Go White! We won't be hearing that anytime soon from MSU's favorite mascot known as SPARTY!

The coronavirus pandemic has been tough for so many reasons, including the changes to sports and entertainment.

According to WILX, Michigan State University announced this week that they would be pausing the mascot program for the next three weeks.

MSU Alumni Office Communications Manager Aimee Klevorn said Sparty is a student like all other students at Michigan State, so he's taking it day by day. (WILX)

With the rising numbers of COVID-19 lately, we can all understand why Sparty needs some quality time doing his own thing for now. And who doesn't just love Sparty?

Sparty has always been there for green and white fans for just about every sport, social event, and everything else in between.

When I used to play music at all of the Safety Patrol picnics in the Lansing area which began at Francis Park back in 1979 and eventually moved to Hawk Island park, Sparty would always show up firing up the kids and throwing out free stuff as well.

Sparty would always show up for the annual Ellie's 5K Race every year at Jackson National Life headquarters to pump up the runners before and after the race.

Well at least for now, Sparty is locked out the Breslin Center taking a 3 week hiatus. Maybe Sparty can get some holiday shopping done or just relax and have a nice green and white Thanksgiving!

We love you Sparty!

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