According to the Lansing State Journal, "MSU students taking all of their courses online this fall should consider not coming to campus amid the COVID-19 pandemic."

MSU president Samuel Stanley Jr. posted a letter recently to students and their parents, sharing safety measures students can expect if they come to campus later this month.

This should be no surprise to anyone because based on a new survey, 82% of parents are more worried about sending their kids back to school than ever before. The #1 concern for most parents is staying healthy.

Stanley is basically saying if you can live safely and study successfully at home, then this will likely be the best thing that you can do for the fall semester.

He also said if you have family members at a higher health risk, you should consider living away from campus.

"The coronavirus has already started to reach students on campus for the summer. MSU sent an email to students living in Holmes Hall on July 27 announcing an unspecified number of student residents had tested positive for COVID-19." (LSJ)

When it comes to parents sending their kids to college, their top 3 worries are:

1. Staying healthy

2. Making sure they wash their hands several times per day

3. Maintain social distance while at MSU

MSU officials have been focusing on finding the best ways to safely offer in person courses this fall.

It will start with the most important requirements. That means social distancing, mask wearing, and increased cleaning efforts and other work.

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