An' I don't give a d*mn 'bout my bad reputation...

(Joan Jett)

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East Lansing is known for quite a few things. Most notably a little school called Michigan State University.

Perhaps you've heard of it?

Go Green, Go White ring a bell?

They've won a championship or two. And lost some too.

Besides being famous for all things Sparty, there's an infamous dark side that both the city and the school are known for.

Because good or bad, happy or sad...

A fire hazard is imminent and a couch's life is always in danger.


A perfect storm is coming to MSU on October 30th.

It's going to be the Spartans vs the Wolverines with the potential for both teams to head into the game UNDEFEATED.

Gameday is...Devil's Night.


Luckily (and this is just smart planning on the official's part) they decided to have an early game as opposed to a nighttime affair.

This game is definitely made for primetime television but if you get it over with before sundown, it gives everyone time to wind down and not take to the streets immediately afterward.

It also gives authorities time to prepare for whatever might happen.

Like the inevitable party at Cedar Village.

What? Don't blame me.

Ask any MSU student where the best parties, post-game celebrations or burning couches are at, and they will point you here. After a big Spartan victory—or loss—one can expect the streets of this apartment complex to echo with the roar of fans and partygoers by the hundreds, and this pavement to once again be marked with the charred outlines of chairs and couches, burnt to a coal-black crisp. (TheTab)
Let's make a promise NOW to DO BETTER LATER no matter what happens after this year's battle for the Paul Bunyon Trophy.
Let's not embarrass ourselves, our school, our parents, get arrested, go to jail, pay a fine, get kicked out of feel me?
In case you need a visual reminder, here is a little something from 2 years ago and I'm pretty sure it still holds true for any future football or basketball game.
You can celebrate, not be part of a mob, don't set anything on fire, AND STILL HAVE A GOOD TIME.

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