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I'll be honest, sometimes I get pissed when there's a fair amount of traffic and some guy is on his bicycle in my lane and I can't get around him. It's like dude, get off the road and out of my freaking way! I don't honk or anything like that, I'm not a total jerk but it does frustrate me. I can't imagine living in a major city like Detroit and having to deal with this.

I best keep my cool in situations like this because next week is Bicyclist Safety Enforcement Week and the Michigan State Police will be on the lookout for violations by drivers that include: illegal turns, failing to stop at a signal or stop sign, failing to give at least three feet when passing a bicyclist, and blocking a roadway that interferes with the normal flow of traffic. MSP will also be looking for violations by bicyclists that include: not riding with traffic, not using lights when biking at night, and riding more than two abreast.

Michael L. Prince, OHSP director:

Motorists need to remember that bicyclists have an equal right to the road. When passing a bicyclist, it’s state law to give them at least three feet while doing so. Everyone needs to obey traffic signs and signals and stay alert for each other.

According to the Michigan State Police, over the last five years, 137 people have been killed in bicyclist-involved crashes in Michigan.

Don't be a jerk while behind the wheel and don't be a jerk while riding your bike.

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