Wearing masks in public is starting to become a part of our day but airlines are taking it step further really enforcing the rule. Last month, United Airlines announced that passengers on their flights are required to wear masks and if they don't they will be on a naughty list called "internal travel restriction list. If you wondering what this list is the company told USA Today that, "This list will cause that person to lose their travel privileges on United for a duration of time to be determined pending a comprehensive incident review."

Now you might be wondering "what if I don't have one?", then they will provide one to you. This current mask policy will stay in place for at least 60 days and United employees such as: pilots, gate agents, and ramp workers, are required to wear masks too.

United isn't the only one with this rule, so you don't be mad at them, as Southwest, Alaska, Frontier, and JetBlue also have mask requirements for passengers.

Look it isn't fun to be told to do something, but flying in an airplane isn't fun either and it is for the safety of everyone that you wear a mask. Also if you haven't been in airplane in the last few years the planes haven't gotten bigger, in fact they have found ways to shove more people in them. Wearing a mask is probably something I should have been wearing for the last few years. This mask rule won't be in effect very long and it could come back especially if there is another wave of the virus, so just be ready to hear about this rule and their list again. More here

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