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While there are some restrictions that are still set in place, it should be a little easier for you when it comes to returning your empty bottles and cans.

The state of Michigan has now moved into phase 2 of its bottle return reinstatement plan. So basically this means that all grocery stores, supermarkets, gas stations and convenience stores with bottle return machines must accept your bottles and cans again.

According to ABC 12, these are the requirements for stores and customers:

  • Customers are limited to no more than $25 worth of returns at a time.
  • Stores can only accept 140% of the bottle returns they took per day during April and May 2019.
  • There will be special or limited hours for returns.
  • Stores are allowed to close their bottle return areas for cleaning periodically through the day at their discretion.
  • All state-mandated coronavirus orders remain in place, include mask requirements and capacity limits.

I'm really hoping that this will reduce some of those long lines I've been seeing at Walmart and Kroger. It's pretty crazy to see how long those lines can get on the weekend.

I'm not a bottle return guy, I used to be but one day I finally had enough. I got so sick and tired of dealing with machines that would break down or they would be full every time I would do a return. I now give my empty bottle and cans to kids collecting for fundraisers or I will simply put them in a recycle bin at the end of my driveway on garbage day. I don't drink as often as I used to and we rarely have soda in the house so it's not very often I have returnables anyway.

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