Thank you Target. Your special treats and wonderful ideas inspire me to want to eat non stop! The holiday season is always huge for us fans of Target, and this year they did not disappoint.

Example: Sugar Cookie Milk; what better way to celebrate the start of the season then by pouring yourself a cold glass of their new Sugar Cookie Milk? If sugar cookies are not your thing, Target is also introducing two additional flavors of milk: Maple Pecan and Chocolate Mint. All are getting rave reviews online.

Fans of Frozen? There is an ice cream for you. Edys ice cream has unveiled Frozen II. It comes in two new special flavors available nationwide, Magical Mint Snowflake, it is a light mint ice cream loaded with chocolate chunk cookies and purple candy snowflakes.  Then the ChocOLAF Fudge Swirl, named after the movie's beloved snowman. That ice cream is a light chocolate marshmallow ice cream layered with fudge and mini candy Olafs.

Pretzel Crisp have switched it up for the Holidays offering White chocolate covered pretzels that taste a bit like candy canes. Then the dark chocolate peppermint covered pretzels.

The Reese's Company has the filled eggs but are shaped to look like old fashioned Christmas tree lights. We can't forget the Sweet Cinnamon Kit Kat bars, and last but by no means least, the Milano Candy Cane cookies.

Hungry yet? See you in the snack aisle.

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