Moose Jaw Junction shows up on some Michigan internet maps. Many times it gets mistaken for the name of an extremely small town that looks like it once existed at this intersection in Emmett County, north of Traverse City.

The addresses for Moose Jaw Junction say it's in Pellston...but Pellston is 10 miles southeast.

So what is it and WHERE is it?

Moose Jaw Junction is not an old Michigan lumber town as one might's a cool little eatery (awesome burgers!) just off the lower tip of Larks Lake. In fact, the junction is referred to by some as 'downtown Larks Lake'.

Indeed, right next to Moose Jaw Junction is a real old, abandoned building from out of the 1800's. There was obviously some kind of tiny business district here at one time. If you're lucky, you may be able to locate some old homes, a schoolhouse and other hidden, empty structures surrounding Larks Lake.

Moose Jaw Junction got its name from Moose Jaw Lumber, a mid 1800’s sawmill & camp located a few miles southwest of the intersection.

The bar opened for business in 1946, called the Round Lake Bar, then the Larks Lake Bar, and finally, Moose Jaw Junction.

It’s no longer just a watering hole…it currently serves up mouth-watering burgers, fish, Mexican dishes, pizza, and more favorites for the whole family and travelers.

This little junction/intersection may be small but it still reeks of old 1800's lumber-boom Michigan history. It's not far out of your way to stop during a Michigan road trip. Not only will you get some great photo ops, but some very cool northern Michigan atmosphere (and food). Check out the photos below, followed by a Moose Jaw Junction video!

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