According to the Lansing State Journal, the future of Lansing's Moores Park Pool, a historic egg shaped structure, is in question.

I remember Moores Park Pool from years ago when my church group went swimming there several weekends throughout the summer. We had such a blast in that pool, even though in needs major repairs.

The  96 year old pool is leaking and needs more than $1.2 million in repairs. That figure doesn't include regular maintenance at the southside pool, which sits on sloping ground in Moores Park.

Lansing officials say they don't know why the pool is leaking, but the chlorinated water is almost certainly polluting the area's groundwater, rivers and streams.

Despite its defects, the pool stayed open for a full 10 weeks in summer 2019 before workers drained it this fall. Lansing hasn't decided whether the pool will open next year.

The fixes would eat up more than half of Lansing's parks millage, which generates more than $2 million annually. Please click on the above link for more information.

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