Animal Rescue Centres Feel The Strain After Christmas Pets Are Abandoned
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A digital marketing company located in Minneapolis has adopted a new policy that it is calling 'fur-ternity 'leave.  Employees and others are calling it wonderful.

Nina Hale's policy was inspired by senior accounts manager, Connor McCarthy.

Connor recently adopted a puppy and wanted to help the little one settle into his new home.   He said he discussed the possibility of making adjustments to his schedule with his supervisor so that he could work and spend time with his new fur baby.  It actually was a brilliant idea, because the pup settled into his new digs and was potty trained in a few weeks.

Connor's request was quickly approved and it tipped the company leadership off that animals were just as important to some of  their employees as human babies were.

The company then decided they had an opportunity to show their hardworking, dedicated employees, that they were appreciated and were given additional flexibility when making a major life change.

The company rolled out the policy in its benefits package three months later, proving that their employees were treated well, and employees responded by being even better employees.

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