OMG if I never hear another political ad it will be too soon.  Truth is as much as we tire of listening to the negative ads, this election is important.  Actually every election is important and yes your vote counts!  It's been said that only 40% of registered voters will go to the polls tomorrow.  I recommend  It's put out by the League of Women Voters and is a place to see what candidates are running and get a non partisan look at who's running, what proposals are up for a vote and to put together a sample ballot so election day is easy. also lets you know what university trustees are running, which always seem ridiculous.  But it's not so funny once you or your children start to attend one of those universities.  It's not just the state stuff either it's all the local things too.  Is there a millage in your town?  What about School Board members and Supreme Court Judges?  It seems like a lot to deal with so why not just skip it?  Because voting is the way you make your voice heard amidst all of the rhetoric.  Check out and please vote tomorrow.