I can't say that I'm surprised about the fact that Mid-Michigan schools are failing when it comes to attendance, failing grades, and enrollment.

These are the three main problems school districts in Mid-Michigan are running into with remote learning.

Michigan Center Schools Superintendent Brady Cook said, we'll reach out to some of these hard reach families and out of nowhere you'll get a parent contact or a student will email a teacher and you mark it down and you're excited because they're engaging and then they disappear for 3 or 4 weeks. (WILX)

Michigan Center Schools aren't the only schools going through this problem, Northwest Schools are not hearing from about 100 of their students combined.

According to WILX, Northwest Community Schools Superintendent said, when you're learning from home and virtually, there is just not that same sense of urgency when you are physically there.

It's not just disappearing, enrollment is down in some districts. East Lansing has lost 45 students, mostly elementary schools.

And on top of all this, more remote learning students are failing classes.

School districts said parents could be open to changing the virtual learning model but they would need to get approval from the state. (WILX)

Currently, the absenteeism rate is 28 percent in Lansing Elementary Schools and 41 percent in the high schools.

The Lansing School Board will be talking about how to deal with huge absentee rates at an upcoming meeting.

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