Here's a very cool, recently discovered video that was produced by the Michigan State Highway Department way back in the 1930's!

I assume this was shown in theaters across the country, as a kind of winter destination option for the rest of the country.

If you can sit thru the first minute-and-a-half of scrolled words, you'll get a kick out of this little ten-minute film. Even though it's in black-and-white, you can still see the beauty of heavy Michigan snowfalls along with lots of film footage of Michiganders enjoying winter sports and a narrator guiding us through it all.

Where are/were the Michigan toboggan chutes they show in this film? You'll see ice skating, skiing, some great old 1930's vehicles, Michigan snow removal vehicles and more.

If you're a Michigan history maven, you'll enjoy this...could be the best historic film you've seen so far this year!