When it comes to the holidays, there is nothing better than sitting by the fireplace, eating popcorn and watching one of your favorite holiday movies.

The holiday season is such a joyful time with family and friends and picking out the perfect holiday movie makes for a perfect night.

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In your opinion, what are Michigan's top 5 favorite Christmas movies? You work on  your list while I share my list with you. Are you ready?

Christmas movie #1. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation-This movie was first released on Dec. 1st, 1989. It is by far, one of the funniest movies you will ever see. Actor Chevy Chase makes this movie come together with countless laughter.

Christmas movie #2. Home Alone-This movie was released on Nov. 16th, 1990 and stars the one and only Macaulay Culkin. Another funny movie that the whole family will really enjoy. Culkin's character Kevin McCallister awakens to an empty house because his family left him sleeping in the attic. Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern are hilarious as the water bandits.

Christmas movie #3. It's a Wonderful Life-This movie was released on Jan. 7th, 1947. Another one of my favorite holiday movies. Jimmy Stewart is incredible in this movie playing the part of George Bailey. Bailey has so many problems to deal with and ends up rescuing his guardian angel.

Christmas movie #4. White Christmas-This holiday favorite was released on Oct. 14th, 1954. It may be old and it may be corny at times, but it's still a holiday classic. White Christmas stars Bing Crosby and Danny Kaye along with Rosemary Clooney and Vera Ellen. The best part is at the end when they all sing "White Christmas."

Christmas movie #5.The Santa Claus-This movie was released on Nov. 11th, 1994. This is such a great movie and everyone loves it. Scott, played by Tim Allen and his son, played by Eric Lloyd, are magically transported to the North Pole.

There's my list of the top 5 Christmas movies for the holiday season. Did you come up with your top 5 list?

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