They never creeped me out as a kid, I'd scoop them up barehanded. It was after I hit 20 or so that I decided to add a layer of tissue or toilet paper between myself and the little bug I was evicting from my home (at times that eviction came via plumbing). Fast forward another 20 years and a tissue isn't enough protection but, I'll fire up the shop vac. I even bought a longer hose attachment just for that purpose, no hand-to-bug contact is required.

What Bugs Does Michigan Feel is the Most Disgusting?

When in doubt, go to social media. We tallied up your comments and were able to determine the Top 11 creepy crawlers in Michigan. Here's a look at a few that didn't make the list, but were mentioned in our poll.

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Mayflies were on the bubble but didn't quite make the top 11. That said this little bug's creepiness comes from it's split tail which looks like it could cause a painful sting. I'd suggest 2-ply to take this one outside.

Cicadas were also mentioned and do have a certain eerie appearance, but one that surprised me was the cricket. Granted if you've ever had a cricket loose in your home (or radio studio) they are noisy yet sneaky at the same time. Also mentioned was the not-so-sneaky mosquito which is just itching to be swatted or flicked.

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Enough with the runners-up, let's get down to the dirty, the creepy, The 11 Most Disgusting Bugs According to Michiganders:

These 11 Bugs Creep Michiganders Out the Most

If you think these are the creepiest insects in Michigan, you're not alone. Here are the 11 bugs that make a Mitten state resident want to take a shower.

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