The oldest, still-operating brewery in Michigan has been a constant since 1862 - the Frankenmuth Brewery. Sure, there was alcohol being brewed in Michigan way before that, but this is Michigan's oldest still operating brewery.

It was founded by John Matthias Falliers, William Knaust and Martin Heubisch. It underwent a few name changes, like Cass River Brewery and Geyer Brothers Brewing Company before it was finally named after the town in the 1980's: The Frankenmuth Brewery. It remains in it's original location.

This historic brewery is open seven days a week, 21 draft beers to sample, and more throughout the year.

The signage features a dachshund that goes by the name of 'Frankie', who has been the mascot since the 1930's. Frankie was created by former owner John Geyer. Geyer had a pack of dachshunds and Frankie was his best dog; he featured the canine on most of his advertising, bottle labels, and signage, and has remained ever since.

The brewery was investigated by paranormal investigators in 2014. CLICK HERE to read about this and other 'haunted' spots in Frankenmuth.

The Frankenmuth Brewery is located at 425 S. Main St. in Frankenmuth, so head over some weekend and visit Michigan's Oldest, Still-Operating Brewery!


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