Michigan's town of Frankenmuth almost sounds creepy...it's close enough to the name "Frankenstein" to warrant that...but aside from the name, this historical town has it's own section that houses many haunts. The area along the Cass River --- down South Main Street south of East/West Tuscola Street --- has many old, historical buildings...and hauntings: The Frankenmuth Brewery, The Frankenmuth Historical Museum and Those Nature People Herb Haus. Just north of that intersection is the grounds of the old School Haus Mall...and about six or seven blocks down West Tuscola is the St. Lorenz Lutheran Church and cemetery...and that's the one we'll start with...

St. Lorenz Lutheran Church has it's own cemetery...and cemetery ghost. There's another, older cemetery across the street but the one with the ghost is right next door, to the left of the church. According to hauntedplaces.org, this ghost has been seen appearing as a woman with NO LEGS. She roams, floats and wanders the night throughout the middle section of the cemetery (SEE LOCATION PHOTO IN THE ABOVE GALLERY); many residents have said they have seen this odd, legless female spirit.

School Haus Mall
Unfortunately for all Michigan ghost-hunters, this place has been torn down. The haunting supposedly began when the St. Lorenz Lutheran grade school (built in 1928) was on the site. A murderer entered the school, possibly trying to escape the authorities; a very unlucky teacher happened to get in his way and was killed by the panicky man. Since the teacher's death, an apparition had been seen wandering the halls in an attempt to protect students from the murderer. In 1980, once the old school had been turned into the School Haus Mall, the apparition was reportedly seen from time to time roaming the building. It's not clear whether the apparition was a male or female, since the school had all-male teachers until the late 1940's.

The Frankenmuth Historical Museum has been around for many, many years...it was originally a hotel/saloon and in later years, an office for a local newspaper. Locals and visitors have reported seeing an apparition that appears near the front of the museum; no explanation as to who this ghost once was. Residents have known about this ghost for many years.

Those Nature People Herb Haus is another old, historical Frankenmuth building that has been around for well over one hundred years and used for various business ventures...of which many did not last long, evidently thanks to the eerie occurrences that have happened. Many years ago, a fire broke out in the building...coincidentally, customers and employees say they saw the "vision of a small child" which some feel is the spirit of a child who perished in the fire, although there has been no proof. Other employees say that items keep jumping off shelves, even items that are safely placed toward the back of the shelves.

The Frankenmuth Brewery was investigated by a paranormal team in 2014 and believe they have captured some audio & video. Check out their video conclusion below.

Now you have many MORE reasons to visit Frankenmuth this summer!

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