When it comes to traveling during the up and coming Memorial Day weekend, the cost of gas is always a concern depending on where your final destination is going to be.

But how much is too much when you're filling up your gas tank?  Is $3 a gallon too much or what about paying over $3 a gallon just to take a family trip to your favorite Michigan lake?

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According to the Detroit Free Press:

Michigan's gas prices are creeping up to close to $3 a gallon, and could go even higher as more than 1 million people in the state, a nearly 60% increase from last year, are expected to take trips during Memorial day weekend.

Even though gas prices are going up, we're pretty sure that Michigan gas stations will have plenty of gas to go around.

The Detroit Free Press also adds:

"For many people, this will be their first summer vacation in two years, and things will look a little different," AAA Vice President Debbie Hass said Tuesday, cautioning that there's a pandemic and reduced capacities.  "We encourage travelers to plan ahead."

My family and I could even save gas by staying home on Memorial Day weekend.  We're not to far from Lake Lansing.  We thought about doing a lot of biking that weekend instead of paying higher gas prices and fighting all that traffic.

We might even bike around Lake Lansing and get in some really good exercise.  It's only five miles around the Lake, so if we work up a sweat, a quick swim in Lake Lansing will do the trick.

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