The majority of us have all been there before.  You wake up after a night of being 'over served', and the minute you open your eyes you realize you are dealing with the dreaded hangover.  Your head is pounding like your brain has its own heartbeat, you feel nauseous, and why is the light so much brighter than it should be.

In dealing with a hangover, most people have their own sure-fire-way to ease the symptoms, for me it all has to do with greasy food.

Check out these best hangover foods from Taste of Home.

It basically comes down to this, I tortured my body the night before and now i will torture it again with greasy, delicious food.  Give me a Whopper, Bacon-double cheeseburger, or almost anything off the Taco Bell menu.

Hangover cures can be as simple as eating certain foods.  Like dill pickles.  Pickles are high in sodium which is an electrolyte that has been depleted from your body after your boozey night of fun.  You can eat the dill pickle or just drink the pickle juice.

Avocados, which are delicious, are also good for your hangover.  The green fruit is loaded with potassium and can help your body get back on track.  Avocado's fight dehydration and also has a component that helps protect your liver.

Nuts, bananas, coffee, and eggs are all good foods to have for dealing with a hangover.  Tomato juice is another cure for what ails you.  The juice contains a certain compound that will also protect your liver.  Tomato juice works best. I have found, if you have it with green olives, a chunk of cheddar cheese and a nice splash of vodka.

Now if you are looking for restaurants to hit up to make you feel better, I have my list of favorites.  These are not 'greasy spoons', they are great restaurants and their food helps me dealing with ' the morning after'.

Sparty's Coney island, El Azteco, (I could eat their food everyday for the rest of my life) and the Fleetwood Dinner.  I am in love with their Hippi-Hash.  Blondies in Haslett has awesome breakfast's, and for a burger its Crunchies,  Kewpee's or the Olympic Broil. For a 'day after' pizza, I go to Pizza House, or DeLucas.   Now these are my favorites and your favorites could be different.

The best advice I can give, if you want to cure a hangover, don't drink too much the night before.

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