Michigan has its share of questionable-looking, hard-biting, and itch-causing insects scattered throughout the state. You would think a state shaped like a giant hand would just swat the little buggers away.

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When it comes to the most annoying, for most it's a toss-up between mosquitos and the common housefly. One sucks your blood without consent while the other throws up on your picnic before you get a chance to dig in. As difficult as these pests are to escape there is one Michigan insect that is not only the fastest but, it also has a very painful bite.

Michigan's Fastest Insect Loves Hot, Calm Days


The fastest-flying insect in the state has a very distinctive buzz that gets a very quick reaction from those familiar with the welt it leaves. This particular breed of fly loves to stalk its prey on calm, hot days when energy is low for all other lifeforms.

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They particularly love cattle and dogs and have been known to swarm their dinner before satisfying their thirst for blood. Any attempt to escape other than full body water immersion is fruitless.


Michigan's speediest in-flight insect has been clocked at 90 mph in laboratory conditions according to Britannica:

Insect speeds can be difficult to measure accurately. However, it is known that the common horsefly can achieve speeds estimated at 90 miles per hour under certain circumstances, a speed gauged during a scientific experiment.

Yup. 90 mph, that's some serious horsefly power.


If you haven't experienced the 'joy' of a horsefly bite it's difficult to describe. Imagine a mosquito on HGH (or would that be MGH?) whose needle-like nose has somehow been broken into several jaked shards, the beefed-up flying leech had a very bad day, and it's taking its frustration out on you.

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Horseflies are also relentless. Biking, hiking, walking, swimming, and lounging are all activities that seem to attract them. The female horsefly will ambush its prey by waiting in the shade. They are attracted to carbon dioxide, so every time you exhale, you are ringing the Michigan horsefly dinner bell.

You'd think you'd be safe scuba diving but that's where they spend their larval stage. Oh yeah, the larva bite too. Just mean from the get-go!

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