How cool is this? The one and only Aidan Hutchinson, former Michigan football player and runner up for the Heisman will soon be wearing a Detroit Lions football uniform.

And Aidan Hutchinson couldn't be more excited about being drafted by the Detroit Lions.

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Here's what had to say:

"It was such an honor to be on that stage to be picked by the Lions. It was the Lions all the way," Hutchinson said via Zoom. "The whole draft process, I wanted them to pick me, and I'm so grateful that I went No. 2 to them. It was so good, and definitely, I'm just still trying to process it a little bit. It happened a couple minutes ago. But, you know, I'm so grateful for sure."

Not only a great football player, but he also sounds like a very nice guy. And I will tell you this, Aidan Hutchinson will be a major asset to the Detroit Lions organization.

How good is this guy? adds:

This past season, though? Hutchinson set a school record with 14 sacks. He obliterated Ohio State while notching 15 (!) pressures, leading his team to the Big Ten title and berth in the College Football Playoff. He had 14 sacks and 66 pressures to end his final season in Ann Arbor.

Maybe Michigan star Aidan Hutchinson will kick start the Detroit Lions into an amazing football season this next year.

The Detroit Lions have never won a Super Bowl. In fact, they've never even come close to playing in a Super Bowl game.

It takes a winning team to get there with lots and lots of hard work. Perhaps with Aidan on the team this time around, they might make it to the playoffs again some day!

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