Michigan's Adventure along with WildWater Adventure is just what you need for a full day of fun in Muskegon.

It's really a short drive to one of the best attractions in the state of Michigan. You will find Michigan's Adventure at 4750 Whitehall Rd.

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Michigan's Adventure is the largest amusement park in the state and has been owned and operated by Cedar Fair since 2001.

And if you want rides, you got plenty of them at Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure. At least 60 plus rides between the two.

Michigan's Adventure has seven rollercoasters as well as slides and other attractions. WildWater Adventure boasts plenty of water fun including Funnel of Fear, three wave pools, slides, and so much more.

I've taken my family to Michigan's Adventure countless times over the years. There's never a dull moment at the theme park or at WildWater Adventure.

My wife and I got into the biggest wave pool at WildWater Adventure. We both couldn't stop laughing because we were splashing around so much.

We always have a great time at Michigan's Adventure and WildWater Adventure. The great thing about going there is once you get really hot from riding all the rides at Michigan's Adventure, then it's time to cool off at their water park.

There's still plenty of time to make a day trip out of it by taking your family to Muskegon's best adventure around. (miadventure.com)

Would you like to know what the scariest ride is at Michigan's Adventure? Some say it's the "Funnel of Fear." You basically twist and turn in the tunnel before being thrown into the funnel. It's crazy fun!

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