Spread Eagle has nothing unique about it except the name. No old stores, no hauntings, no amusements or attractions. Just its name. But they get visitors just the same.

The village of Spread Eagle can be visited by driving all the way through the U.P., all the way to Wisconsin near Iron Mountain. In fact, Spread Eagle is 3 1/2 miles across the border into Wisconsin. But a few Michiganders are making the journey, just to get some pictures & video, as proof they indeed had the "Spread Eagle Experience", and to say they've been there.

But what are they taking pictures of?
There are no signs saying "Welcome To Spread Eagle" or "You're Entering Spread Eagle" or "Spread Eagle Welcomes You" or just plain "Spread Eagle"....nothing I could find that mentions the name. I guess I can understand why. But with a name like that, you'd think they'd embrace it and take advantage of it. But NO.

No Spread Eagle Cafe', Spread Eagle Tavern, Spread Eagle Inn, Spread Eagle Party Store, Spread Eagle Bowling Alley.....nothing that sports the Spread Eagle moniker.

Well, good luck if you decide to drive all the way up there.

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