Imagine at age 61 becoming a first time millionaire. That's exactly what happened to a Michigan woman who most recently did just that.

We can tell you when this nice lady won her cool million, she basically just broke down in tears. I mean, who wouldn't. If that would've been me, I would have needed boxes of Kleenex.

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Here's what the winner had to say according to

"I like to play the $20 games and usually buy a ticket on my lunch break," said the 61-year-old-player. "When I saw I'd won $1 million, I thought: 'This can't be, there's no way!' I took the ticket up to the service desk and when I was told I would have to go to the Lottery office, I couldn't help but cry."

How cool is this. The winner plans on saving some of her winnings, but she is also going to focus on home renovations in the near future.

Why is it where ever I go to purchase my own lottery tickets, I end up losing. Obviously I'm not going to the right places to purchase tickets.

If you're wondering where this 61 year old woman purchased her Millionaire Maker II ticket, she bought it at the Meijer store. located at 36865 26 mile Road in Lenox, Michigan.

And that doesn't mean if we drive to that exact Meijer location in Lenox, the same thing will happen to you or me. Don't you think that luck has a lot to do with it? adds this:

The player chose to receive her prize as a one-time lump sum of about $634,000 rather than annuity payments totaling $1 million.

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