I'm a grown man who loves grocery shopping. There, I said it. I feel no shame. That said, I'm also well over six feet tall, so the height of shopping carts has never really phased me. However, that doesn't mean that it isn't an issue for those among us who struggle to reach the top-shelf hot sauce; I'm talking about the vertically challenged, sometimes referred to as short, who have a serious bone to pick with Michigan Walmart stores who have brought in new--loftier carts.

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As you may or may not have noticed (depending on how much you enjoy grocery shopping) Walmart has rolled out (pun intended) new carts in all of their stores, a process that began in June of 2023, according to the Daily Mail. As the new buggies entered stores, some folks noticed that the handle was higher, as was the seat to place a child. How much higher? Outlook says they are a full 3.5 inches taller, making many tasks a challenge for those who are closer to the ground than others.

The Big Problems Shorter Michiganders Face With Walmart's New Grocery Carts

Prior to the new carts' debut, the old Michigan Walmart handles stood at 39.8 inches, whereas today, they are 43.3 inches in height. While taller Michiganders may not have noticed, those shorter in stature and senior citizens are complaining that on longer shopping trips, their shoulders ache, according to BestLife.

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Another complaint from more diminutive Michigan moms and dads is that the extra nearly 4 inches makes it hard, if not impossible, to lift a child into the cart seats, let alone see around them (see above TikTok).

Short Customers Have Big Complaint About Michigan Walmart's Carts

After reading many of the complaints on the internet, I decided to take one of these carts for a more informed spin. While nothing hurt after a half-hour shopping trip, I can tell you that the new carts aren't built for tall people either, as my knees kept hitting the back of the cart below the handle.

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While I applaud the new cupholder, which accommodates a variety of drink sizes, I can't bring myself to use the built-in cupholders, which seem like a great place for bacteria and other nasty substances to collect. What do you think? Have you noticed the 3.5-inch handle hike at your Michigan Walmart?

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