I have family in the Dallas, Texas area and have spent many vacations growing up with them. Of course, though, they were always in the summertime but this has been my first time visiting in the fall.

We all know what Michigan looks like in the fall. We talk endlessly about the colors and how crisp the air is and just that feeling of magic all around.

This is not to say it's not happening in October in Texas, but it's definitely not the same.

Let's Get Obvious Differences Out of the Way First

First off, Texas is bigger, we kind of all know that. BUT, did you know that it is actually 2.7 times bigger than Michigan? That is, according to My Life Elsewhere...

That's right, almost THREE Michigans can fit in one Texas...wild.

Of course, then there is the time zones. We are an hour ahead in Michigan as we are on Eastern time and Texas is in Central.

Then, we can't not mention the weather.

When we left Michigan on October 21st, it was 40 degrees and storming. When we got to Texas and the entire time we have been here it has been steadily in the upper-80's and sunny. Texas is definitely warmer, year-round, than Michigan.

Now What About a Texas Fall?

A Michigander's favorite part of fall is, of course, the leaves. However, for a Michigander in Texas to see leaves change, you would have to go in early-to-mid November.

That's at least what lots of locals at my cousin's wedding were saying when she said she wished the leaves had changed color for the backdrop to her ceremony.

I had said that October is peak "fall wedding" season for any bridal parties who want to have some quintessential fall color.

Of course, too, wineries in Michigan are a must-stop for the fall but when it comes to a fall winery trip in Texas, THERE ARE LONGHORNS THERE!

Maitlynn Mossolle
Maitlynn Mossolle

While that may not be true for EVERY winery out in the country outskirts outside of Dallas, it was for this day and it was beautiful.

What's The Consensus Here

Basically, what is different between Texas and Michigan in the fall may seem pretty obvious at the end of the day. However, you definitely have to experience it to believe it.

At the end of the day, a Texas winter day is what we usually expect here in Michigan and the fact that my family and I were comfortably walking around in shorts, tank-tops and dresses all weekend a week before Halloween should be a pretty clear indication of what is to be expected when visiting Texas in the fall versus Michigan.

It will be warmer, you will sweat, you probably won't see much of a color change but you will get some nice colors and some pretty sick views.

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