Someone recently told us in the comment section of Facebook that I wasn't complaining enough, so this one's for you friend!

Just kidding...kind of...the point of this article is to explain that feeling of it finally being fall. We get a glorious few days of the weather actually acting like it, only to sweat our buns off for another three weeks.

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"Aren't You Hot in That?"

I think one of the most frustrating parts of the beginning of fall is never actually knowing what to wear. It's definitely when you have to dress in layers but then you are spending all day taking a layer off, putting it back on, taking it back off, etc.

You wake up in the morning and it is chilly enough out for that cute, chunky sweater you finally swapped out your summer clothes in your closet for that you've been eyeing just waiting to whip out. You put it on and as you drive to work or wherever you are going, you're comfortable.

Then, by the late afternoon you are burning up...but you're not complaining, you've waited this long to wear your favorite fall clothes.

What's more annoying than just slightly overheating, silently accepting your fate, is people constantly coming up to you saying "I didn't think it was THAT cold out" or "aren't you hot in that?" or any other variation of the question.

Yes, I am hot. No, I am not taking off this sweater...if you leave it on, Mother Nature will get the hint and make it sweater weather, right?

Am I Wearing a Bra or Nah?

We had summertime, now it's time for the fall lovers to thrive. We have been desperately awaiting the day we don't have to wear shorts, tank tops and ESPECIALLY bras.

Of course, this is not a luxury for the bigger-busted gals (I'm so sorry) but as someone who was once asked if I was "chairman" of the "Itty bitty t***y committee" I think I have some authority to brag a little bit here.

You want to really know why I'm wearing this sweater?

Because it keeps everything underneath it completely ambiguous!

Am I bloated today? Can't tell! Am I wearing a bra? Can't tell! Am I comfortable? OBVIOUSLY! And I'll be even more comfortable when the sun goes down.

Let's Not Forget Allergy Season

I'm someone who really loves "comfort items." Give me all the slippers, blankets, sweaters, etc. and I will be a happy camper.

I want to wear cute sweaters every day of my life.

While this may be TMI, they do also come in handy during allergy season.

Sure, at this time where we all have hand sanitizer on deck, maybe extra packs of tissues in our purses. When you are wearing a sweater and your allergies turn your nostrils into a faucet with a consistent, slow drip, sometimes you have to be quick and discreet.

If your nose is running and you can't find tissues nearby to help you catch it, sometimes you've just got to ever-so slyly use your sleeve...can't do that without a comfy sweater!

So, yes, if you see someone who looks like they are about to pass out from a sweater-induced heat should probably ask if they are okay.

However, if they are merrily making their way through the day, just know whatever reason they have for wearing their sweater is a good one...even if it's just "because I felt like it!"

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